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  1. Hello, I am trying to test the "AT_interconnect" example from Doulos in Synopsys Platform Architect. When trying to build the project, I get error message "Connection between ports with different protocols or protocol implementations: port '/HARDWARE/i_AT_interconnect/init_socket' (tlm_tlm_base_target_socket_1/TLM) and port '/HARDWARE/i_AT_typeA_target/socket' (tlm_tlm_base_target_socket/TLM)". The AT_interconnect project has a multipassthrough initiator and target sockets in the interconnect side and simple target and initiator sockets for the target and initiator respectively. So the two ports must have different protocol implementations. But this is giving an error. What is the reason behind this and how could I solve this problem? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am trying to connect many initiators to one target through an interconnect. I used an nb transport and a payload event queue, to handle the transactions. But every, let's say, 10ns, I would like to check the over all system and set a flag for the whole system. Which will perform some arbitration for the system. How do I perform only one check for the system, I can not perform this in payload event queue, since i have many(say N) initiators and a coming transaction from every initiator sets the flag which in turn performs the arbitration N times? Thank you.
  3. Hello Phillip, Thank you for a quick and helpful answer. I have yet another question. My interconnect has two payload event queues. One from the initiator side and another from the target side, inbetween is the algorithm for the interconnect. Does this mean that I need two sets of forward transport and backward transport methods? And also two sets of payload callback functions? A little bit more demonestration would help a lot. Thank you again.
  4. Hello, I'm new to TLM. I have a question in non-blocking transaction. I'm implementing an AT interconnect. It has tagged initiators and one target. During the forward transport, I use a private extension to store the tagged initiator id for each transaction. My question is how do I insert a transaction into a payload event queue including this id as an argument. Meaning: the transaction need to be inserted into the peq with this id, transaction reference, phase and delay. Thank you, Rajesh
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