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    If this is related to your "bare metal" question elsethread, you definitely ask for QT on ARM, not for a specific OS.
    The closest thing related to "QT on ARM" implementation, I'm aware of, is included in the "old stable" version of Guile (http://www.gnu.org/software/guile/).
    In http://git.savannah.gnu.org/gitweb/?p=guile.git;a=tree;f=qt;h=c98346f9299df235964738dbf4b87da9806c9f52;hb=72e4a3b1df86fdfca752221716c3e3f5573ff6a5, there is "md/arm.{h,s}", which may be a good starting point.
    When I had a closer look several years back, I think this has not been fully integrated in the QT package there.  So there is probably still some work left, especially for including it in the build system and the architecture detection, etc.  Maybe you can contact the original author to learn something about the status of the port.
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    Hello as apfitch did on his blog Half Fact http://apfitch.wordpress.com/2012/08/30/systemc-on-a-raspberry-pi/, I tried SystemC on an ARM platform. It works reasonably based on pthreads making it somewhat slow. So I thought about porting the QT (QuickThreads) for ARM? 1- Did anybody do that before?
    I already read the original Technical Report of 93-05-06 of David Keppel describing QT and had a look into the QT source folder. Now I’m kind of stuck where to start at. It seems relevant to know the ABI (Application Binary Interface) of the target. 2-Would that be depended on which Linux Kernel is running on the target or maybe if the ARM platform is armv7 or armv6 based?
    3- I’m also happy about every hint which would get me started on the issue.
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