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    It's not sufficient that all the blocks work properly, because it might be the case that they aren't properly connected to each other. Outputs from some block are left hanging and the corresponding inputs are tied to some values. Cascaded block level checks can't really find this, if your observation points for each block level environment are its corresponding design block. Example: A can start read or write transactions, but the direction signal doesn't get passed to B, where it's tied to read. The A or B env checks won't fail, but the whole system is buggy.
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    Tudor, Thanks for the reply. "properly it's necessary (but not sufficient) for the blocks to work properly." - What do you mean by "but not sufficient" ? I understand and agree. Revisiting this simple example I realized something so trivial it's almost embarrassing to admit ; I am still getting the top level functional checks using the block level environments. My concern was this: Using block level environments, each model gets its input from an agent, and not from a previous model output. In my mind, that implied the input might be incorrect; messed up possibly by the RTL block. However, I can guarantee the correctness to any stage because it was already checked in the previous stage. In short, I am an idiot.
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