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    role of dynamic processes

    In perfect agreement with what Phillipp has said, if one is trying to analyze/model hardware, absolutely do not use dynamic processes, as there is no such thing as creating hardware "on the fly". But if one is examing software, one could use dynamic processes.
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    Philipp A Hartmann

    role of dynamic processes

    Dynamic processes are especially used in situations when you need to spawn additional parallel execution in your model during the simulation. You cannot use static processes in such cases. /Philipp
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    Martin Barnasconi

    sigma delta adc

    Without sharing code we cannot help much, other than pointing you to some nice papers or publications on the subject. My recommendation is to read the SystemC AMS User's Guide which is part of the SystemC AMS standard. From the error you have, it looks like you are not using the TDF input port and LTF function inside the processing() callback of the TDF module. I assume you are calling it somewhere else, in the constructor or so? This will of course not work. You should use the LTF function as shown in section 2.3.2. (Continuous-time modeling) of the user's guide.
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    Hi, I am interested in wrapping a C model with SystemC wrapper to mimic a future RTL design. Is it possible to create a port that can connect directly to a SystemVerilog Interface? For Example: SystemC: struct foo{ bool valid; sc_uint<8> data; }; SC_MODULE (xyz) { sc_inout<foo> port1; ... }; SystemVerilog: interface abc () logic valid; logic [7:0] data; endinterface abc abc_i(); xyz ( .port1(abc_i); .... ); Would this work? Thanks, Sam
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    it looks like you instantiated a sca_core::sca_module (or you derived from this class) - this is not possible. You can only derive own modules from sca_tdf::sca_module or of course you can instantiate the pre-defined sca_eln/sca_lsf modules. In SystemC-AMS it is not allowed to derive own modules from sca_core::sca_module (see LRM). best regards Karsten
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    running sc_run two times

    Hi, int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { int a; a = sc_run(argc, argv); a = sc_run(argc, argv); return a; } I'd like to run sc_run more than one times. Is that possible? After the second run the a is 1, this is possible an error code.
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    Is it possible to suspend and resume the SystemC simulation?
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