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  1. How do you see, whether a value has a decimal or hexadecimal representation? Most probably, it is stored in some form of binary in the memory. ;-) But you can directly assign both hex literals (C++ feature) and hex strings (SystemC datatypes feature) to sc_uint variables: #include <systemc.h> int sc_main(int,char*[]) { sc_uint<32> pippo; // ... pippo = 0x2A; // assign from hex literal pippo = "0x0A2"; // assign from hex string std::cout << pippo // decimal value by default << "=" << pippo.to_string(SC_HEX) // SystemC hex representation << " (0x" << std::hex << pippo <<")" // C++ hex representation (with manual '0x' prefix) << std::endl; return 0; } Gotcha: In SystemC, hex strings are signed literals by default. When dealing with unsigned variables (sc_uint, et.al), you should make sure that the hex string contains a leading 0 to avoid unexpected sign extension, when converting from the hex string. Greetings from Oldenburg, Philipp
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