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  1. maehne

    Error !

    Hello, please follow Alan's and David's advice. I would like to add that it is good practice to set the port name to be equal to the name of the port instance variable in your module. This can be easily achieved by passing it in form of a string to the port's instance constructor in the member initialization list of the module's constructor, e.g.: SC_MODULE(my_module) { sc_core::sc_in<double> in1, in2; sc_core::sc_out<int> out; SC_CTOR(my_module) : in1("in1"), in2("in2"), out("out") {} // ... }; Once you do it systematically, the SystemC error messages during elaboration and simulation will become much clearer, as they will use real variable names, which you can easily locate in your source code. Regards, Torsten
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