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Generic covergroups and constraints

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I have a question concerning covergroups and constrains in SystemVerilog.

I would like to make them generic, depending on parameters. For example, if there is a SIGNAL_WIDTH parameter, i'd like my covergroup to have bins like {0}, {2^SIGNAL_WIDTH - 1}.

The same about constraints, let's say i want to constrain a value to 2^SIGNAL_WIDTH - 1.

We are verifying DUT which are parametrizable; this is needed so we don't have to re-write the UVM classes when changing the parameter.

Moreover, if there is a NB_VALUES parameter (or constant), is there some kind of "generate" (as in verilog and vhdl) feature to generate a constraint for each of these values?

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Your classes can be parameterized using the same parameters as your DUT. It would be great if both DUT and testbench can share a set parameters defined in the same package.

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