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There could be an issue in `uvm_rand_send_with macro. could someone help to verify?

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UVM exports,

After debug, I thought the second argument (SEQR) missed in "__seq.set_item_context(this);" which implies to set_sequencer = NULL and cause the sequence could not find its sequencer and stop. could some one verify this?


For my case the SEQ_OR_ITEM is an uvm_sequence, I am not sure the same error happens when its an item.

`define uvm_rand_send_pri_with(SEQ_OR_ITEM, PRIORITY, CONSTRAINTS) \

begin \

uvm_sequence_base __seq; \

if (!$cast(__seq,SEQ_OR_ITEM)) start_item(SEQ_OR_ITEM, PRIORITY);\

else __seq.set_item_context(this); \

if ((__seq == null || !__seq.do_not_randomize) && !SEQ_OR_ITEM.randomize() with CONSTRAINTS ) begin \

`uvm_warning("RNDFLD", "Randomization failed in uvm_rand_send_with action") \


if (!$cast(__seq,SEQ_OR_ITEM)) finish_item(SEQ_OR_ITEM, PRIORITY);\

else __seq.start(__seq.get_sequencer(), this, PRIORITY, 0);\


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