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Coverage Cookbook Launched to Complement the UVM

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NEW - The Coverage Cookbook - A methodology focused on effective coverage adoption

In functional verification, methodology is the bridge between tools and technologies, which creates a productive, predictable, and repeatable solution. This first phase of the Coverage Cookbook introduces a methodology focused on coverage that complements the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), the industry standard verification methodology that has gained a significant following over the last several years. The Coverage Cookbook is a series of online linked articles designed to help you master the methodology and process required to effectively adopt a coverage-driven verification flow by providing:

* a foundation of understanding on the various types of coverage metrics available today, and how to effectively use them

* a repeatable process for creating functional coverage models distilled from a specification

* real-world examples used to demonstrate the functional coverage modeling process

More information on the Coverage Cookbook can be found at http://go.mentor.com/coverage-cookbook-news

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