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[uvm_reg] why not clear(set) the prediction field value after read "WCRC/WCRS"?

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Hi UVM Reg Exports,

In the uvm_reg_field::do_predict() function as following:

• why not clear field_val when (acc == “WSRCâ€) after read?

• why not set field_val when (acc == “WCRSâ€) after read?

is there some reason or simply missing this type?

function void uvm_reg_field::do_predict(….)

     UVM_PREDICT_READ: // line 1136 in uvm_reg_field.svh of uvm-1.1b
         uvm_reg_field_cb_iter cbs = new(this);

         if (rw.path == UVM_FRONTDOOR || rw.path == UVM_PREDICT) begin

            string acc = get_access(rw.map);

            if (acc == "RC" ||
                acc == "WRC" ||
                acc == "W1SRC" ||
                acc == "W0SRC")
              field_val = 0;  // (clear)

            else if (acc == "RS" ||
                     acc == "WRS" ||
                     acc == "W1CRS" ||
                     acc == "W0CRS")
              field_val = ('b1 << m_size)-1; // all 1's (set)

            else if (acc == "WO" ||
                     acc == "WOC" ||
                     acc == "WOS" ||
                     acc == "WO1")

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