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Its just a follow up question on blocking_interface.It is as follows-

As we will be having up a memory in target side and it will be executed on its own and assume all space of int[255] array will be filled.

Now ,if a write command is generated from the initiator side and the target realises that there is no space to write or better to say the space is already written,den what would be the response from the target side.Does it send a "FAILED TRANSACTION" error or will there be some sort of alternate way to execute the command ?


Thanks & regards,



ps-I am attaching the link of my previous thread,in which i had mentioned about my understanding of b_transport interface.




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TLM does have a response status, but that is intended to catch modeling failures rather than modeled failures. So if you consider your case a modeling error, which seems unreasonable to me on the surface, then you should either set the error response to something like a generic error or issue SC_REPORT_ERROR. In any event, do not set both. If this is a modeled error, then you are left to your own devices.

See section 14.17 of IEEE-1666-2011 for details.

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ok david,there was actually some copying mechanism  done in the target side which i was missing to see it,so i had got this doubt.

But its clear now,general modelling errors can be set,and not the other one.


Thank you david 🙂


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