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sc_uint and unsigned int

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Dear all,

Can you explain the difference between ?

sc_signal<unsigned int > port1;


sc_signal<sc_uint<32> > port2;

When to use port1 and port2?

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unsigned int has always the length defined by the underlying platform while sc_uint<> lets you specify the exact bit with of the type. In your case case I would use 'unsigned int' as it is faster and has less overhead.

Best regards

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First, let me say that I would never use sc_signal<unsigned int>. Instead use sc_signal<std::uint32_t> for portability reasons.

There are two considerations:

  1. sc_signal<uint32_t> is likely to be significantly faster than sc_signal<sc_uint<32>>. Especially if using the PoC implementation.
  2. sc_signal<sc_uint<32>> may be required by some synthesis tools if that is something you care about.

If you want to be agnostic to both situations, you could set up a typedef header for your project and use your own names.

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