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SystemC 2.3.3: huge memory consumption when using sc_spawn - sc_bind

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I've noticed that with SystemC 2.3.3, when I spawn a dynamic process, there is a huge memory consumption.

Here' s the code generating the problem

#include "test_module.h"

void test_module::my_process(int temp) {
    printf("thread spwned @ %.1f\n",sc_simulation_time());

void test_module::test_thread(void) {
    int temp=0;
    while(true) {
        printf("current time is %.1f\n",sc_simulation_time());
        if (sc_simulation_time()>=100000000) {
            printf("stop here\n");
        else {
            sc_spawn_options my_thread;
            sc_process_handle test_proc;
            test_proc = sc_spawn(sc_bind(&test_module::my_process,this,temp),NULL,&my_thread);

Basically, when I run the program I see the memory associated to the process steadily growing up second after second.

SystemC has been configured with the following switches:



and compiled as static library.

The host OS is ubuntu 16.04 and G++ version is 5.4.0 20160609

The same code compiled on an ubuntu 10.04 with SystemC 2.2.0 does not show any memory problem.


Any idea on why this happens?


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