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I have a question in how glue logics between two or more ports get represented in IPXACT. Lets say there is an ADHOC Connection between, PORT A of instance A and PORT B of instance B, in such a way that, PORTB is connected as 32'habcd ^ PORTA


Instance A: output port A

Instance B: input port B

Now, on Top file, In SV , I have following glue logic.

module Top

 module A instance A(



module B instance B(

.B(32'habcd ^ A) //32'habcd XOR with A



Now, in adHoc connection,we genrally, represent two connections with just internalportreferences. How does such glue logics get represented?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Bhargav,

Glue logic is not covered by the IP-XACT standard. Perhaps your IP-XACT EDA vendor can offer a vendor-specific solution on top of the standard using vendor extensions or vendor-specific parameter conventions.

Best regards,

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