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Count number of SC_THREAD and/or SC_METHOD

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25 minutes ago, Khushi said:

How can I count the number of SC_THREAD/SC_METHOD in a given simulation of a SystemC platform ?

Is it possible ?

    int n_methods = 0;
    int n_threads = 0;
    int n_cthreads = 0;

    void count_procs_recursive(sc_object * parent) {
        if (std::string ( parent->kind() ) == "sc_method_process" )
        if (std::string(parent->kind()) == "sc_thread_process")
        if (std::string(parent->kind()) == "sc_cthread_process")

        for (sc_object * child : parent->get_child_objects()) {

    void before_end_of_elaboration() override {
        for (sc_object * obj : sc_get_top_level_objects()) {

        cout << "n_methods = " << n_methods << "\n";
        cout << "n_threads = " << n_threads << "\n";
        cout << "n_cthreads = " << n_cthreads << "\n";

( Not tested. )

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Caveat: That is the number of statically allocated processes. It does not account for dynamic threads or processes (i.e. sc_spawn'ed), which would be more difficult to track. Mind you, it is pretty complete and most likely static is what you are after.

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