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BEGIN_REQ/END_REQ and BEGIN_RESP/END_RESP mark time points in the protocol.

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above image is taken from LRM from section,  

During read command

1.is it 10ns in return path is for the target to perform read from  target memory  to data_pointer of initiator present in target as a part of generic payload member?  if not than when is the actual read happens ?

2.what is target doing from 110ns to 150ns ?

3.how do i interpret 5ns present in return of BEGIN_RESP

Please help . 


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The 10ns tells the initiator that the request phase (or address phase in some bus protocols) takes 10ns.

During 110ns and 150ns simulation time the target executes the read.

The 5ns in the BEGIN_RESP/END_RESP tells the target that the data/status transfer over the bus (the data phase on some bus protocols) takes 5ns.

The annotated times in the return path is to save a second function call (END_REQ and END_RESP respectively) at two more simulation time points (120ns and 155ns). This way you can increase the performance of the simulation.

Best regards

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