Previous versions of IPXACT has attributes, 'left' and 'right'  inside internalPortReference element of adHocConnection in design IPXACT as shown in the following 4 lines of xml. <spirit:adHocConnection> <spirit:name>....</spirit:name> <spirit:internalPortReference spirit:ComponentRef = "..."         spirit:PortRef=".."          spirit:left="..."          spirit:right="...."/> </spirit:adHocConnection> These attributes basically say that which vector range of port from one component is mapped to another (I assume) However, the same IPXACT with latest schema, while validation gives schema error stating, attribute right/left is not allowed. Even the latest xsd files available with accellera doesn't define these attributes.There must be some means how currently, these multibit adHocConnections are mapped between two components inside an IPXACT-design. What could be the solution for this?