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how to overwrite the constraint that's present in another file.?

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Here is a sample code of what I'm working on


class c_cfg extends uvm_object;
	rand bit c_bit;
	constraint c_turnoff {
		c_bit == 1'b0;

endclass: c_cfg

2nd file


class b_cfg extends uvm_object;

	rand c_cfg	cfg_c;

endclass: b_cfg

main file

class a_cfg extends b_cfg;

// I want to overwrite the constraint in c_cfg here.
// I want that to be 1

endclass: a_cfg

I tried overwriting the constraint in c_cfg by using the same constraint name in a_cfg, but it doesn't solve (I guess it is because in c_cfg and not in b_cfg) simulator is not able to solve the constraint. Then tried cfg_c.c_turnoff.constraint_mode(0); in the new function in a_cfg, but it still considers the constraint in c_cfg.

Can someone suggest how to do that.


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