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ELN Low pass filter

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 #include "systemc.h"

#include "systemc-ams.h"

    sca_eln::sca_terminal a;
    sca_eln::sca_terminal b;

    sca_eln::sca_r r1;
    sca_eln::sca_c c1;



    sca_eln::sca_node_ref gnd;

   hi to all

i wrote this code for eln low pass filter how should i test it?

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Well, you will have to write a test bench, which provides your RC filter with some stimuli for transient simulation or sets up an AC analysis. However, I recommend you to have first a closer look to the fundamental concepts and ideas of SystemC AMS. A good introduction to SystemC AMS is provided by the SystemC AMS extensions User's Guide, which is part of the SystemC AMS extensions 1.0 release. Even though, this discusses only the features available sind SystemC AMS 1.0, it is a good start as SystemC AMS 2.0 and IEEE Std 1666.1 added mainly advanced features related to Dynamic TDF and bug fixes. Also, the SystemC AMS community pages provide some good links to introductory resources to get started with SystemC AMS.

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