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Suraj Gupta

Problem while starting a UVM sequence by calling `uvm_do_on from the run_phase of uvm_test

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Hello Everyone,

UVM provides multiple options to start a sequence from the run_phase of the uvm_test. One of these options is to call <seq>.start(<seqr>); which works perfectly fine.

But, if I try to use the other option `uvm_do_on(<seq>,<seqr>) in the run_phase of the test, the simulation fails with the following compilation error with incisive simulator (at the line where `uvm_do_on is called):

'start_item': undeclared identifier [12.5(IEEE)].

Is there any restriction that we cannot use `uvm_do_on method to initiate a sequence from the run_phase of the test?

If it is allowed, then why do I get this error? 

Please suggest.

Best Regards

Suraj Parkash Gupta

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