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Jean Thevonet

How to compare VCD files

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This kind of functionality needs to be implemented by your VCD trace file viewer. E.g., the impulse plug-in for Eclipse available from toem.de seems to offer this kind of functionality in its "analyze" variant.

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Modelsim (and most likely all other commercial simulation) provide a conversion utility to convert VCD to their own format. For Modelsim this is vcd2wlf, convert both files to the wlf format then use Modelsim's filecompare to do the comparison (with all the available bells and whistles which you may need). You can quite easily script this up and add it to a GUI button.

Good luck,

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I tried with impulse and from first impressions --  it seem to be easy and comfortable.

You just have to select the 2 files and get to impulse->Compare with each other .

A dialog gives you some options (what and how to compare).

BUT - For this extended functionality I had to request the analyze license key (free for non-profitable or 90 day stuff). :-(


Will tomorrow check with analog and tlm data.




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