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Hi folks,

i'm looking for a tool to visualize tlm logs.

I found this here (impulse from toem http://toem.de) - looks quite promissing !

But i'm not sure how to generate the required scv text data.

Is this a the standard fomrat in TLM ?

How to generate ?

Best Regards,






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impulse is a good trace file viewer for visualising the results of simulation runs of SystemC models.

"scv" hints that this format is not part of the TLM standard, but part of the SystemC Verification (SCV) library, which you can also download from the Accellera website:


The SCV tar ball contains in the docs/ directory several PDF documents, which outline the use of transaction recording.  As you can guess from their publication dates in 2003, this mechanism predates TLM-2.0. As I never used that API myself, I cannot provide further insight/guidance.


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