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Executing Modules More than Once

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I want to run the diagram given below. I am executing the modules with the respective processes but it only execute once and then the loop dies. I am providing the static sensitivity to the processes inside the modules e.g.  sensitive<< sig1; and so on. How to make the execution multiple times as mentioned in the STEPS in the Diagram. I need help in running the STEPS multiple times before we proceed to the next step in System C code. Thanks

SystemC Running in Loop.png

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Q1: How are you declaring the processes? [Note: Seeing actual code would help a lot. Your descriptions are completely inadequate for anybody to understand exactly what you are asking.]

Q2: What book are you using to get trained on using SystemC?


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Hello @wasim6691,

I totally agree with @David Black, Can you provide a minimal example of what your are trying to achieve?

From your minimal description all I could figure out are the following scenarios:

  1. You are not generating enough transactions/events in your simulation models and the simulation is exiting with the error message: Stopping simulation due to starvation
  2. You are yourself stopping the simulation with a call to sc_stop() before the next iteration can begin.

Post more details about the issue you are facing so that more community members can help you figure it out faster.


Ameya Vikram Singh

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