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UVM 1.2 report_summarize()

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HI :

  I am aware in Accellera UVM1.2 uvm_report_server, report_summarize(), there is below uvm_info at end of the function. 

	     // Andrew  f_display(file, `UVM_STRING_QUEUE_STREAMING_PACK(q));

I would like to know the motivation of doing so. It is not backward compatible with UVM-1.1X. 

  1. we have +UVM_VERBOSITY=UVM_NONE for regression run and we do want to see the summary of test.  

  2. we customized  compose_report_message,   based on UVM_1.2. it gave me a funny output : i.e 


--- UVM Report Summary ---

** Report counts by severity
UVM_INFO :    7
UVM_ERROR :    1
UVM_FATAL :    1
** Report counts by id
[RNTST]     1
[mycfg]     1
[myenv]     6
[mytest]     1
 : reporter


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