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hi, I want to implement systemC TLM design that uses a simple bus to communicate between the two separate modules. I want to know how to use systemc built in simple bus. Please help me in this regard.  Thanks in advance.



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Simple Bus is just a couple of custom channels with fairly simple API. Decode occurs in the bus fabric after interrogating the slaves about their individual address maps. Execution of transfers takes place in the context of respective master threads (initiators). The only other process used is an arbiter.

We teach this bus in Fundamentals of SystemC course, which you can learn about here <https://www.doulos.com/content/training/SysC_training.php>.

Of course, most folks just skip Simple Bus and go for an implementation based on TLM 2.0. For a Simple Bus application, Loosely Timed would be the appropriate abstraction.


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