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Reading a binary File

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I wand to read the binary file in System C. Can I use the malloc() function as we used in C to store the content of the file in some buffer. Thanks. The fread() command is used in System C or there is some other command in System C.

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Yes, you can use C's fread() function for this purpose. However, you should not use malloc()/free() to handle allocation/deallocation of your buffers. Instead, use C++'s new/delete operators or even better a suitable standard container such as std::array<T, N> or std::vector<T>. C++'s <iostream> library also offers you the possibility to read/write binary data from/to files.

SystemC is a C++ library. Therefore, I suggest that you get familiar with C++ first. Confer, e.g., to:




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I concur with Maehne's recommendations. Good SystemC requires mastering C++. If you can take a good class, it will accelerate your learning even more. Also, good C++ means throwing out much of your C habits and taking proper advantage of the easier (and safer) to code C++ STL containers and methods.

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