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Security Statement

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From the IEEE 1735 working group:

January 9, 2018


A paper was published in 2017 that described possible vulnerabilities in the IEEE 1735-2014 standard that may affect certain electronic design intellectual property (IP) and electronic design automation (EDA) software.


The IEEE 1735 Working Group takes these findings seriously and intends to review the matter and make recommendations and implement updates to the standard as necessary.


The following best practices can be applied immediately:


    For electronic design IP publishers:

  1. Secure your distribution. By making your IP available only to your customers, it is less likely to fall into the hands of hackers.

  2. Consult with your legal counsel to determine if use of an end-user license agreement would be beneficial.


    For electronic design IP users:

  1. Secure your supply chain. By verifying that your IP comes from its publisher, you can substantially limit the possibility that malware was inserted by a third-party.


Those interested in participating in the review are welcome to join the IEEE 1735
Working Group. Information about this effort will be available on the IEEE-SA website (standards.ieee.org) in the near future.


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