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Ritu Rathore

inclusion of busDefinition in Component

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I might be asking very basic question as I have just started with IP-XACT.

When I try reading the component file in my tool and the busdefinition is in some other directory it throws an error saying this data with VLNV couldn't found, How Do I include the busdefinition xml in component xml?


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Hello Ritu,


You cannot specify paths in IP-XACT XML files. The referencing is done through VLNV identifiers. The VLNV reference in a busType in a component bus interface must match with the VLNV identifier of a bus definition. How you load these two XML files in a tool is outside of the standard and is tool specific. I do not know which tool you are using but it should not matter where the IP-XACT XML files are located on your file system.


Best regards,


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