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incomplete example code for clarification

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Nice catch. This will be addressed in the 1.0 version. The example doesn't need to change, but the accompanying text will be updated as follows:

In Example 30 and Example 31, component pss_top contains two instances of component sub_c, named s1 and s2.
Component sub_c contains a data field named base_addr that controls offset addr when action A is traversed.
During construction of the component tree, component pss_top sets s1.base_addr=0x1000 and
Action pss_top::entry traverses action sub_c::A twice. Depending on which component instance
sub_c::A is associated with during traversal, it will cause sub_c::A to be associated with a different
— If sub_c::A executes in the context of pss_top.s1, sub_c::A uses 0x1000.
— If sub_c::A executes in the context of pss_top.s2, sub_c::A uses 0x2000.

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