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Execution Trace Generation

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Hi Roman Popov,

I'm just exploring if there are any ways to generate trace for the list of functions that are called during the simulation. My idea is to utilize this execution trace to debug the model to make sure that the sequence of activities that needs to be performed are in order.

I can do this using step by step debugging, but it consumes lot of time. If there are any ways to generate a text file with a list of function call details, this would help.



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Hi Adiga,

at the end, SystemC simulations are plain C++ programs. Therefore, you can use any program trace tool that meets your needs.  One example could be the Linux perf tool, see https://perf.wiki.kernel.org.

Your favorite SystemC simulator may have additional analysis features.  You might want to ask your vendor about this.

Hope that helps,

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Hello @R.Adiga,

I have developed something similar you can have a look here: https://github.com/AmeyaVS/trace-ninja (Still under development but basic functionality implemented for getting traces).

If you are developing on Linux I would suggest of having a look here: https://github.com/namhyung/uftrace , which offers much better tracing capabilities and lower latencies.

Both the methodologies are dependent on using GCC toolchain for building the SystemC library.

The only advantage you get on using my project is that it would work under Cygwin/Windows with GCC compiler (Not tested under MinGW).


Ameya Vikram Singh


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