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regarding clause  7.1.1.c

"state values are not supported. If 4-state values are passed into the PSS model via the procedural interface (PI) (see 17.2), any X or Z values are converted to 0."


To my understanding PSS is meant for hardware verification. how can that be done without even the most basic x-propagation test options open?

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You're correct that PSS is intended for hardware verification -- specifically targeted at the transaction and higher level of abstraction. 4-state modeling typically applies at the signal level, and doesn't propagate up to transaction level and above.

I double-checked, and the SystemVerilog LRM specifically restricts randomization to 2-state values:

"Constraints support only 2-state values. The 4-state values (X or Z) or 4-state operators (e.g., ===, !== ) are illegal and shall result in an error."

Hope this helps!

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