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Based on Accellera's recently released standard, I am now developing a PSS front-end. While doing this, I came across several grammar problems, and also some typos in the example code given in the document. In this email, I have attached 2 text documents:

(1) error_grammar.txt : a list of grammar problems, and their suggested fixes.

(2) error_examples.txt : a list of typo mistakes in the examples.

The page numbers mentioned are the pdf page numbers, NOT the printed page numbers.

I would like to hear from the others if these mentioned fixes are good, or other changes are required.

Regards.. Raj S Mitra, rsm@verikwest.com



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Hello Raj,

    Many thanks for your review comments in the grammar and examples! Your comments regarding unused terminals (issues 2, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13, 14) make perfect sense, and I'll proceed to file Mantis items for these. I will need to investigate a bit more on the issues you point out with respect to items that appear incorrectly grouped, but will also develop proposals to add to Mantis items for these as well.


Best Regards,



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On 7/26/2017 at 10:04 AM, Matthew Ballance said:

Hello Matthew,

Thanks for your review of my comments. You can always reach me at my emails below, for any detailed discussion.

There are some other problems with the grammar as well, eg. no way to define a constant/parameter, only 2-dim arrays supported, etc. But in my email I had not focused on missing features. I like a light-weight language, but some basic features like these may be needed to make it more flexible.

Regards.. Raj, rsm@verikwest.com, rsmitra@gmail.com





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Section B.10 -- Is the syntax for "expression_constraint_item" correct (line 15 of page 202)?  This appears to state that an implicand_constraint_item is required to accompany an expression...

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I found one more bug in the grammar: For example-71, which has an action declaration inside an activity, the grammar has to be updated:

: ...
| action_field_declaration // add this rule

Another bug is mentioned in the post "one full example".

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