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Connect Socket to Empty Connection

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I have a class that has two socket members (target and initator):

    // input (target)
    tlm_utils::simple_target_socket<class my_class> m_in;
    // output (initator)
    tlm_utils::simple_initiator_socket<class my_class> m_out;

I wish to connect only one side each instance (m_in or m_out), 
how can I connect the other side to a NULL / EMPTY connection?


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I used before_end_of_elaboration to bind to a dummy:

void  before_end_of_elaboration(){
    if ( my_initiator_socket.size() == 0 ) {
        target* dummy = new target("my_initiator_socket_name");

    if ( my_target_socket.size() == 0 ) {
        initator* dummy = new target("my_target_socket_name");



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