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  The purpose of this discussion is to understand different possibilities by which the simulation performance, memory usage can be increased.  

Scoreboard as we understand needs the data/packets/frames etc to be stored/buffered to do a comparison with the actual data out.  This works out fine when we have small sized array ranging from few bytes to few thousands of bytes.. However imagine, if we have 100 thousands of bytes and above and there is a need to store them and lets say multiple of such lanes/flows , then this would take a hit on the simulation performance. And this gets worse if we have to reuse and port it to a subsytem/chip level simulations.. 

With this as the background, i am looking at alternate approach for scoreboards..  In a way is possible avoid scoreboard and check the data as it comes without the need to store the expected/input data. 

Approach that can be thought of : 

1. Generating incremental data pattern and check at the output .. (Comes again with issues like aliasing etc.. and hence need to have longer patterns.)

2. Generation of PRBS stream  as the payload of the frame.. and then have a PRBS checker at the output.. and see it remains locked.. (Debug would get worse with this.. if there is a mismatch) 

3. Having a byte scoreboard.. something like that.. (Not sure how feasible this is).

There are many challenges even with these approach.. 

I am just wondering if someone has already experienced such cases and what kind of challenges are thrown out.. 

Appreciate any input on this.


svuvmuser !

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