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yosri ben salah

systemC on visual studio 2015

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hi, i want to install systemC on visual studio 2015, i did all step in this tuto

but when i compile this hello world example

// All systemc modules should include systemc.h header file
#include "systemc.h"
// Hello_world is module name
SC_MODULE (hello_world) {
  SC_CTOR (hello_world) {
    // Nothing in constructor 
  void say_hello() {
    //Print "Hello World" to the console.
    cout << "Hello World.\n";

// sc_main in top level function like in C++ main
int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
  hello_world hello("HELLO");
  // Print the hello world

it displays problem "" not found stdafx.h and namespace std is not a member of gets , i want to ask there a difference between visaul studio version, and how can i solve this problem thanks

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I think the issue is related to visual studio project settings. When the new project is created you have to select Empty project (with precompiled header as disabled). Check if you are doing the same (video time 2:01).

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