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How can I print out Logs left-aligned?

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Hi Guys,

I want to print out some info in the log file as bellow:

TEST0001: seed = 12                Out_Str: Hello_test                  Out_Num: 64

TEST0002: seed = 12345678    Out_Str: Hello_Public_test     Out_Num: 1024


I have do this as follows:

$fdisplay("TEST%04d: seed = %d    Out_str: %s    Out_Num: %d", index, seed, out_str, out_num);


But I can not got the format which I wanted.


Can you tell me how can I do this?


Thanks a lot!

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try this.  the '-' means left aligned.  choose a size larger than your max, for each field, as in my example.

class Packet;
  int  seed[]='{54445,745,11209};
  string out_str[]='{"imabigstring","tiny","medium"};
  int out_num[]='{88,353,1};

  function display ();
    foreach (out_num)
      $display("TEST%04d: seed=%-8d Out_str: %-16s Out_Num: %-8d", i, seed, out_str, out_num);




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