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Multiple instances of same uvm_reg_block

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Hi all,

I'm using vendors' tool to generate register models. I wanna know how to describe one address-block is instantiated multiple times in IP-XACT.

For example, there are 2~4 instances of the same DMA engine module in my testbench. Which schema can I use to describe this? 

The further question is how to group address blocks in IP-XACT? For example, I have a bridge-similar module BRDG(have registers) will be instantiated to more than 20 IPs of SOC.

I wanna the generated uvm register model combine each BRDG with related IP in one uvm_reg_block. How to describe this in IP-XACT? 

Currently, i'm using script to deal with this. I want to know if IP-XACT native support this.



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I would recommend using nested "registerfile" objects within an addressBlock to contain your registers since these can be multi-dimensional arrays.  We added the registerfile object in IEEE 1685-2009. You can use "bank" objects to group addressBlock objects but arrays are not supported.

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