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It is my first participation. I'm a master computer sciences student. I had program a code with SystemC 2.3.1 (includes TLM). I have some questions. Does SystemC 2.3.1 (includes TLM) includes TLM 1.0 ? What is the benefits of TLM 1.0? Can i use GTKWave with TLM 1.0 or it works just with SystemC RTL? What is the difference between TLM 1.0 and TLM 2.0 ? I would like to more understand TLM 1.0 any documents suggestions?

Any help?


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TLM 1.0 still a current std.

it is supporting/providing low level interfaces for transaction level modeling(like packets/ not pin level) . It is widely using in SV-OVM based Env.

TLM 1.0 was not designed specifically for bus modeling or interoperability.

Please refer to the following page.




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Thanks Sraman,

I already see this documents, I had program my code with different way. I hadn’t put a class for every module i do it like this :


SC_MODULE (decoder)

{sc_port<read_flit_if<int> > in;

sc_port<write_flit_if<int> > out;








void decoder::decoding()




It works but i want to know if it is a correct way or not with TLM1.0?

I want to know too, does modules communicate together just by sc_channel?

Thanks for your help.

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