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collect trasactions from different threads at any given time

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I have a function (nb_trasport_fw) that is been called few times in same cycle

...nb_transport_fw(...) {






I also have a thread that's waiting on event 'e'. 

arbitrate() {


//do I have all the transactions in my queue.

//arbitrate among trasactions in queue.


Basically I need a point where I collect all the transactions and arbitrate among them. I can't really look at single transaction and make a decision.  Challenging part is I don't know if function will be called 0,1 or N times.



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How about using delta cycles? Their main reason is to bring determinism into concurrent systems.

When you notify the event for the next delta cycle with e.notify(sc_core::SC_ZERO_TIME), then it will definitely see all transactions that happened in this delty cycle.



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