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What is a proper way to set fields and update register in uvm register model?

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In my test sequence, some fields of a register are changed frequently and others are keep previous value.


I wrote the code like below,

register.update(status) // first update

... other code

register.update(status) // second update

The first update was processed but the second update was not seen in the system bus.

I digged into UVM manual and implementation, and found out that 'update' function doesn't update mirrored value.


By change, new_value was same to reset value of fieldY.

So at that time the second update was called, m_mirrored and m_desired were same. That was the reason of no bus transaction.


I tried below codes, and they updated my register properly.

register.write(register.get(), status)
register.predict(register.get(), status)

However, they look like strange for me. Why I need to set desired value explicit by getting their internal desired value?

Are my solutions wrong? Are there better ways in this case?

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