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Representing RTL and TLM in one single IP-XACT file possible?

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I am just curious whether it is possible to represent both TLM and RTL variant in one single IP-XACT file. For a component, we have only one model node, which contains serveral ports. The component can also have bus interfaces sitting at a higher level. For a specific model port, I have two variants, let's say: 



p_int: std_logic

p_INT: sc_in<bool>


Note that they have different names. I need to specify a specific name in the port node. The current solution is that I generate two IP-XACT files, one for RTL and the other for TLM, both have their specific different name in the file. 


I checked out the Leon2 example, where I found two different component IP-XACT file sets Leon2RTL and Leon2TLM, where for instance the component dma has been defined twice. 


My question is: is this an intended use case for the IP-XACT to apply one single IP-XACT file to represent two variants with different languages? 





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Hi Kenny,


Yes, IEEE 1685-2014 supports RTL and TLM views in a single file. Please read this topic




were the question was asked before.


Best regards,



Hi Erwin,


thanks for your answer. I overlooked that topic. Now it is clear to me, in my case, I have to define two ports in the model->ports element, and then assign TLM view to p_INT and RTL view to p_int with language specific data type using wireTypeDefs


Best regards,



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I'm being overly pedantic here, but p_INT: sc_in<bool> doesn't really seem all that TLM to me. TLM would be stuff like sockets and ports. You seem to have two RTL-ish views, one in VHDL and one in SystemC.


This is correct. The p_INT is not TLM style, but since I have to generate a systemc model, which contains both signal and transactional level ports in one component. These ports need to be assigned to a view for the design configuration. In this case, I assigned all of the systemc-relevant ports and sockets to TLM view. Not very accurate, but I don't see any better solutions so far. 

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