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Mixing Systemc with Systemc AMS

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I have been tring to connect Systemc Modul with SC_METHOD to other parts which is TDF modules, but keep receiving different errors in ports and signals connection , Can some clarify how to do it? Controller have inputs from TDF and sends  outputs to it (Systemc) to (Systemc-AMs) TDF 

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I expect your SystemC module, as leave cell, uses regular ports (sc_in/sc_out). The SystemC AMS TDF module should use the converter ports (sca_tdf::sca_de::sca_in, sca_tdf::sca_de::sca_out), so it can be connected to regular SystemC modules.

This means that the top-level module, which instantiates this SystemC module and the SystemC AMS TDF module, should then a sc_signal, since the input for the SystemC AMS TDF module needs to see this type of signals.

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