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handle to uvm_component in uvm_object

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Is there a way to avoid the "complex type usage" error when needing to feed a uvm_object a handle to an uvm_component?

What I need to do is access within a sequence a method of one component in the environment.


uvm_config_db#(comp_type)::set(this, "*", comp_handle_name", this)


comp_type comp_inst;
 uvm_config_db #(comp_type)::get(this, "*", "comp_handle_name", comp_inst)


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You could use uvm_root in the 'set' and 'get' methods for the context argument.  You could also use uvm_root or uvm_top in the set method and use m_sequencer as the context to get the handle.  Also, the handle to the component could be placed in the configuration object that is scoped to m_sequencer.  

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