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When should we use uvm export

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uvm_put_port is connected with uvm_put_imp.

uvm_put_port will call put method which will be implemented in uvm_put_imp.

My question is in which situation we use uvm_put_export

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I've been told that the explanation I have in my book is clear, so I'll just put this here. The diagram in the text helps a lot, but hopefully this will work:

When initiating transactions up through a hierarchy, ports can talk to other ports just fine. Imps, though, are always the end of the line. To push transactions down through a hierarchy, TLM provides exports. Exports promote an imp to a higher level in the hierarchy. From another component’s point of view, they look exactly like an imp, but the real imp is buried someplace within the hierarchy. With exports, the external component need not know anything about the lower-level hierarchy.

Knowing that I shouldn't pass up a chance to advertise, you can get the book at: http://tinyurl.com/AdvancedUVM????

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