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Simulation ends after b_transport: why?

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I used b_transport in of my TL models to exchange data from a transactor to a memory. It was a read/write/reset operation kinda thing. Data from memory is transferred to another module attached to the transactor.


What I noticed was at the end of my b_transport call, the simulation ends directly, without returning to the transactor thread in order to affect the obtained data from memory (in case of a read operation, for example) to the port connecting the transactor and the other module.


Why is this?


Code for reference:



// TLM-2 blocking transport method
virtual void b_transport(tlm::tlm_generic_payload& trans, sc_time& delay) {

/** Code here to transfer data **/

// Realize wait delay to advance simulation time

// After wait, the simulator goes directly back to sc_main



void thread_process() {

/** Code here **/

 while(true) {

 wait(CLK->posedge_event());               // Wait on CLK posedge event

/** More code here **/

 payload_setup(trans, cmd, data_ref, addr);

 rtt2a_socket->b_transport(*trans, delay); // Blocking transport call. Trans is a generic payload

 // I expected the program to return here, but it didn't 

 // Initiator obliged to check response status and delay
 if (trans->is_response_error())
  SC_REPORT_ERROR("TLM-2", "Response error from b_transport");

 if(cmd == tlm::TLM_READ_COMMAND)
  DATA->write(d_word_t(data));   // Write data back to port. So far, this does not work properly 


Thank you,

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I did set it previously.


I found out the problem by the way. I set simulation duration to be exactly the same as that of the b_transport, therefore somehow the simulation ends after the call to wait.



Maybe I need more training in writing adaptor-type transactors? Kinda getting tedious trying to interface RTL and TLM  :wacko:

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