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Further help needed with finding port that is not bound

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Fairly new to systemc and I get the message


"Error (E112) get interface failed: port is not bound: port 'Instance1.SubInstance.port_name' (sc_object) ....


I've already named my ports at the top of SC_CTOR so I know what port but can understand why it thinks i not bound because to my untrained eye it looks like it is. Its just a port, brought, all the way up to the top level where I have


sc_signal<bool>   west_enable;

sc_signal<bool>   east_enable;




tx_module  tx_west("WEST_TX")




I have an east and west and the east has the same declaration but does not yield an error. It maybe only because it doesn't get by this error to show me the next. Code compiles fine with zero errors of course.


How can I debug this further?

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It looks quite strange to me that the error message states (sc_object) as the kind() info of the unbound port.  If the port in question is a "regular" port, it should report (sc_port) or something more specialized than that.


Do you use some special/user-defined port here?



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