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Integrating SystemC in MinGW software project

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I'm trying to integrate SystemC into a software project compiling with MinGW/gcc in order to periodically simulate hardware parts . However, linking the software with SystemC libraries (built with VS) leads to what I expect to be compiler interoperability artefacts like:


Warning: corrupt .drectve at end of def file

Targets\lib\SystemC.lib(Debug/sc_main_main.obj):(.text$mn+0x2e): undefined reference to `__security_cookie'


Building the libraries with MinGW fails at the configure-step, as discussed in other topics. Is there any other way?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Markus,


since SystemC 2.3.1, building/running the library with MinGW compilers has been validated (quoting the README):

o Windows 7 SP1 (WoW64), Msys 1.0.17(0.48/3/2)
    - MinGW32 GNU C++ compiler versions 4.5.2 through 4.7.0 (x86);
    - MinGW-w64 GNU C++ compiler version 4.8.1 (x86 and x86_64)


What errors do you see during configure?


Greetings from Duisburg,


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