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Retrieve a pointer to an interface of a port

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I am trying to get an interface binded with a vector of port declared as sc_vector<sc_in<bool> > :


std::vector<sc_object*> children = get_child_objects();
sc_signal<bool> *s = NULL;
const char *tmp = "sc_vector";


for (unsigned i = 0; i < children.size(); i++) {

        if (strcmp(nm, children->basename()) == 0) {

               if (strcmp(children->kind(), tmp) == 0) {

                    sc_vector<sc_in<bool> > *v = dynamic_cast<sc_vector<sc_in<bool> > * > (children);
                    if (v != 0) {
                         s = dynamic_cast<sc_signal<bool> *> (&v->at(0));





In the above code, I got the value of s as NULL. I have binded a port with signal, but still it's unexpected behavior.


Am I doing something wrong here ??


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