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UVM 1.1 and VCS, getting lots of warning.

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I have downloaded and running UVM-1.1 from this site.

> cd $UVM_HOME/examples/integrated/ubus/examples

> make -f Makefile.vcs

In vcs.log file, I am getting lots of warnings from uvm_recorder.sv .

Warning-[DT-AAI] Assoc array index ignored

../../../../src/base/uvm_recorder.svh, 296

Specified assoc array index is invalid. Invalid or uninitialized index for

assoc_index. 'x' or 'z' can not be passed as assoc array index.

Please specify a valid index.

Header of log which may help to know simulator, version etc.

Command: ./simv +UVM_VERBOSITY=UVM_LOW -l vcs.log +UVM_TESTNAME=test_2m_4s

Chronologic VCS simulator copyright 1991-2011

Contains Synopsys proprietary information.

Compiler version E-2011.03; Runtime version E-2011.03; Jul 19 21:22 2011



© 2007-2011 Mentor Graphics Corporation

© 2007-2011 Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

© 2006-2011 Synopsys, Inc.

© 2011 Cypress Semiconductor Corp.


Can anyone help me where do I go wrong?

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