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Question for uvm_analysis_port usage

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I have a question for analysis port connection.

A UVC monitor that I use provides anaylsis port as followings (I provided this monitor from vendor).


uvm_analysis_port #(uvm_sequence_item) monitor_item_done;


I'd like to connect this port to "bus_in" of "uvm_reg_predictor" in my testbench.

"bus_in" is a port that is provided from UVM library.


uvm_anaylsis_imp #(BUSTYPE, uvm_reg_dredictor #(BUSTYPE)) bus_in;


In my testbench code, I connected as followings, but this does not work in simulator.




"axi2reg_predictor" is the handler name of "uvm_reg_predictor".

How can I connect "bus_in" with "monitor_item_done"?

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi uwes,

Error is compilation error of IES.

Actually I already asked to Cadence support center, and I am still waiting for reply. But this is very urgent to me.

Error message is "E, TYCMPAT: formal and actual do not have assignment compatible data types (expecting datatype compatible with 'specialization of class uvm_port_base' but found 'specialization of class uvm_analysis_imp' instead).

I hope to obtain solution anywhere quickly.

Thanks for your interest in advance.

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you cant directly connect a port of "uvm_sequence_item" to a receiving end of expecting "BUSTYPE".

(i assume BUSTYPE is NOT uvm_sequence_item)

>Is there any way to make the two compatible?

there are a few ways:

1. make the port monitor_item_done a port sending BUSTYPE items

2. make the repredictor receiving uvm_sequence_items and $cast the generic items inside the predictor to your BUSTYPE

3. create a proxy component with one tlm in-port of type uvm_sequence_item and one out port of BUSTYPE and simply cast inside the write function to the BUSTYPE and send the $casted element further.

you might want to look at http://uvm.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=uvm/uvm;a=tree;f=tests/70regs/40addons/02_simple_seq_bkdr_ftdr;h=e44900ee1ac6d615a8079c3ae3b85ba79b0fb0f0;hb=master

the relevant code parts are:

class transaction extends uvm_sequence_item; 

// predictor def and analysis port must have same types
uvm_reg_predictor#(transaction) predictor;
uvm_analysis_port#(transaction) item_collected_port;

// connect

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